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Submit Your Birth Story

When we tell a story we construct internal narratives to help us make sense of the world. Storytelling is a fundamental part of being human. Stories let us share information in a way that can create an emotional connection. A story helps us to understand information, each other, and makes the information more memorable. A story can help create empathy or inform. 

We are hoping to do this by sharing stories of prenatal experiences, miscarriages, stillbirth, infant death, birth, and post-partum. We want to hear your experience. We want to hear what was amazing, but we also want transformation, change, growth, and trauma. We want to hear all the stories about birth. The different ones, the abnormal ones, and the “normal” ones. 

Some questions to consider are:

What made your birth special, or hard? 

What did you need to heal from, or what helped heal you?

What practitioner made it easier,or harder for you throughout your journey?

What would you change?

What have you learnt?

What were some fears? What are some fears? 

Did you get help? Where did you get help? What helped?

Did your first birth or pregnancy change how you handled or managed future pregnancies?

Were there any systems you feel you were fighting or protecting throughout your journey?

These are just some questions we are asking ourselves. We ask that when you write and share your story think about helping other birthing people and birthing support people. These stories are meant to invoke change and elicit emotion. Birth is transformative, and we want change. Share with us.


Submit Your Story: Welcome

Story Sharing Photo Sessions

After submitting your story, reach out to us to find out when our next story-sharing photo session will be. Hair, Make-up and refreshments are provided; as well as being given the opportunity to share your story in a safe, and connected way with individuals who understand and care.

Our hope for these stories is that when people read them and see the picture they can learn, connect and grow with them.

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Kind Words from previous Story Sharing Sessions

Submit Your Story: Testimonials

I really appreciated the opportunity to be heard in a judgement-free space to reflect on my birth. Every time I share my story of my son's birth, I feel I heal a little more and hope that sharing my story helps others too.


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