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Lana's Birth Story

I had a perfect pregnancy and got blessed with midwifery care. Being a first time Mom, I did all the things. I took prenatal classes, asked questions, went for massages, acupuncture and wrote my birth wishes.

I had contractions most of the day but continued to go about my day. Close to midnight, they were getting closer and stronger. Our midwife decided it was best to head to the hospital as I had a bit of a fever and with covid, she didn’t want me to have to be in lockdown at the hospital.

My husband and I arrived at the hospital around midnight and we were put into the holding room. My blood pressure was all over the place. Due to this, my primary care was transferred to the OB working right from the beginning which essentially didn’t mean much because my midwife did everything and was there the entire time. I was 5cm dilated at this point. I vomited all over this room and then was taken to the birthing suite.

In the birthing suite, I puked again (this time in a bag). I wasn’t feeling too good. After hours, things weren’t progressing so we decided to break my water. I was GBS positive so we decided if my water had to be broken that I would take the medication. I laboured for so long that I ended up having to take two doses which I was hoping I would only need one dose if I had to take any at all. I was already very tired so we finally said okay to the lowest level of oxytocin which my body initially responded well to and got me to 7cm. I stayed here for a lonnggg time. Nothing was progressing and I was completely exhausted. They offered me an epidural several times before we decided maybe it would be for the best so I could get some sleep. I went in not wanting any or minimal interventions and feel like I ended up having them all.

I got the epidural. I look back at this moment and so wish I chose not to. It numbed only half my body and the baby didn’t respond well. The baby's heart rate dropped every contraction so essentially I got no sleep while they were monitoring the baby until they told me I should have a c-section now before it’s a real emergency. I had my doubts and will always ask myself ‘what if I waited?’

We finally said yes to the c-section which means I had to get a spinal tap. They go over all the awful things that could happen which was the most emotional part of it all. I was told I could lose consciousness because I had already had an epidural. Everyone reassured me what was best at that point. It was the biggest rollercoaster of emotions I’ve ever been on. The c-section itself was very fast. I was extremely nauseous the entire time that I could barely look at my son in the operating room. My midwife was there to hand our son to my husband. I am so happy he got to experience that moment because I did not. In the recovery room, I was put on oxygen and my son nursed for the first time and had skin to skin on me. I was so drowsy from all the meds, I could barely stay awake.

From there, we only spent one night in the postpartum room. I’m not sure we had one nurse we liked. I had to ask for my catheter and IV to be taken out several times as I didn’t need them in anymore. All they were doing for us was bringing me Tylenol which my husband could have done at home. They also didn’t want to discharge me the next day but my midwife told them we were leaving. She checked on us at home the next day which I felt so much better sleeping in my own bed. I never had problems with my incision or nursing so I am so grateful for that.

I am so blessed and thankful I had my midwife and husband there to hold my hand, put a wet cloth on my forehead, grab my oils, use pressure points and have words of encouragement. Without them there by my side, I’m not sure I could have been so strong.

If there was one thing I would tell any Mom it would be to consider midwifery care. I think there are so many stereotypes or misinformation when people hear the word ‘midwife’ that I wish everyone would do some research and ask questions. My midwives knew how to answer my questions without judgement, gave me the research and let us choose what was best for our family. Having them be a part of my team was such a blessing. Although I didn’t have the natural birth I so wanted to have, I know my Midwives will support me to try for a VBAC next pregnancy.

If you would like to share your birth story like Lana has, click here to go to our birth story sharing page.

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